What is basal temperature measurement?

Why is it good to also feel the uterine orifice?

Because it also provides signals about the fertility period: at the beginning of the cycle, it feels complex and is closed; then it becomes softer and opens so that sperm can pass through more easily.

To examine it, one or two fingers must be inserted into the vagina. If the cervix is ​​very high, as is often the case during the fertile period, a leg can be put on a chair to help us if we notice that it is soft and the uterine orifice a little open, it is a sign that the woman is in her most fertile period. In this phase, the flow is usually transparent, watery, and elastic.
What must data be recorded?

All observations related to the menstrual cycle are valuable. Also include periods of illness and changes in routine (for example, sleepless nights).
Has fertilization taken place?

The basal temperature can also inform us if a pregnancy has occurred. If the highest temperature is recorded for more than 18 days, the egg will likely be fertilized, and a new life will start. However, to be sure, you have to take a pregnancy test or visit a gynecologist.
Does the temperature method help predict the due date?

Usually, the first day of menstruation is taken as a reference to calculate when the baby will be born. However, this often leads to errors in women who do not have a 28-day cycle. With the basal temperature method, the end of pregnancy is calculated as follows:

The first day that body temperature reached its highest level, minus seven days, minus three months, plus a year.
One tip: take the time you need

This method is an excellent option to know your menstrual cycle, which will help you identify your fertile days. After about three cycles, you will know quite well how your body works.

Don’t try to control everything: obsession and planned sex do not benefit your relationship or desire to get pregnant.

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What is basal body temperature?

Basal body temperature is the lowest body temperature in 24 hours.
Body temperature is generally lower during sleep or at rest, so measuring basal body temperature should be done immediately after waking up and before physical activity.

How is basal body temperature measured?
To measure the basal temperature, a basal thermometer should be used, which is a special thermometer that is very sensitive and can measure even the most minor changes that may occur in body temperature.
To accurately measure changes in basal temperature over some time, it is essential that after waking up, before getting out of bed, the basal body temperature is taken. Always to be done at the same time each day. Basal temperature can be measured in three different ways: orally, rectally, or vaginally. Once we have chosen where we will measure the basal temperature, it must always be the same.

How are changes in basal temperature interpreted?
A woman’s basal temperature will be roughly in the range of about 36.2ºC to 36.5ºC before ovulating.
Once ovulation begins, the associated hormonal changes will lead to a slight increase of around two tenths in basal body temperature. This temperature change will last at least until the time the next menstrual cycle begins.
If this slight change in temperature occurs over three consecutive days, it means that ovulation has started.
You need to know that ovulation can sometimes occur without a change in basal temperature.

What can alter the basal temperature?
Certain factors could cause changes in your basal temperature:

Illness or fever
Anxiety and stress.
Shift work or traveling to different time zones.
Irregular sleep or sleeping too much.
Alcohol consumption
Gynecological problems.
Some medications

When I was told about this method of taking your temperature when you wake up in the morning, I thought it was crazy! Most gynecologists do not even mention this possibility of knowing our bodies. But it is very effective, provided it is done correctly. What is it actually about?

What is basal temperature measurement?

This method, still little known, consists of checking the temperature through the mouth or vagina with a thermometer when getting up, without getting out of bed, without moving as little as possible, and always at the same time, preferably. The basal temperature will indicate your ovulation period and is very rIt is recommended that women combine two ways of checking when it occurs. Therefore, the use of ovulation tests is recommended even before the drop in basal temperature. You can purchase your ovulation test from the Famivita brand here in our online store.
How to measure basal temperature

It is advisable to measure the temperature through the vagina since it would be a place where there is more security to offer a more accurate result since sometimes we can sleep with our mouths open and change the result. “But why all this?”, She will ask herself. Calm down, I’ll explain:

Our body has several hormonal phases during the menstrual cycle. In the first phase, when menstruation disappears, estrogen takes control of the situation, whose job is to make the egg begin the maturation process.

In the second phase, progesterone is responsible for maintaining the endometrium to receive the zygote (fertilized ovum) and has the conditions to settle in the uterus. So estrogen causes our temperature to drop, and as ovulation approaches, the tendency is for it to drop even further.

On the other hand, Progesterone causes the temperature to be higher so that those who do a daily follow-up can clearly see the ovulation period and even, in my case, the pregnancy! That’s my basal chart from before I got pregnant.

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