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There are many beauty tricks on the Internet that help make the daily task of becoming a princess easier. However, not all of them work.

We at Bright Side were surprised by some weird beauty tips, but we have to admit that they can come in handy.

Beer for hair growth

Beer contains functional components like yeast, hops, and malt, is rich in vitamins and minerals and nourishes our hair from the inside. Beer can be used as a free rinse conditioner.

    For this, dissolve the drink with water in a 1: 1 ratio and rinse your hair with this mixture after washing. By the way, if you are a blonde, choose a light beer so that your hair does not change color.

    Beer-based hair masks can also be made.

Baby powder to create the effect of false eyelashes

    Paint your lashes with mascara in one coat.

    Arm yourself with a cotton swab and apply baby powder to your eyelashes.

    Then apply one more coat of mascara. Ready! It is an easy and inexpensive way to create the effect of false eyelashes.

Concealer to create a new lip contour

weird tricks that will make you look more beautiful

Nothing happens if nature has not given you a well-defended lip contour or you consider that your lips are too thin for dark lipstick. In these cases, a concealer will help you.

    Run the concealer around the contour of your lips as if you wanted to “erase” the natural line and blend the product.

    When it dries, using a colored pencil, draw a new outline, slightly leaving the lips’ natural contour. Try not to go overboard with the task.

Do not be afraid to be with your face washed.

Makeup is an excellent tool to highlight our attributes, and it is super fun to use, but there are many tricks to always look beautiful, with or without makeup.

Do not be afraid of your face without makeup; if you follow these tips, you can feel safe in any situation, even if you just woke up.

Take care of your skin.

Let’s start with the basics. Before applying any foundation to your face, you first clean it. The same applies precisely to the days that you don’t wear anything. The most important thing to look beautiful is that your skin is cared for and clean.

Care your skin

Use sunscreen

If you are in your 20s, you may not notice it, but the sun is very harmful to your skin. So start applying sunscreen tomorrow morning; a walk in the park may cost you more than you think.

Use protector

Wash your face and don’t touch it

A good trick to avoid putting on makeup and looking good is to wash your face in the morning and night. Please do not do it more times because it could irritate your skin.

Now, many people tend to touch their face constantly during the day … without washing their hands. This habit can cause imperfections to appear, and it can also generate small tears in the skin that, in the future, will become wrinkles.

Wash your face

Highlight your qualities

Another tip is to naturally highlight the things you like the most about your face. If you have thick eyebrows or very red lips, keep them always cared for so that you don’t need anything else; keep eyebrows well outlined, lips moisturized, etc.

Makeup should be a tool, not a mask with which we hide from the world. If you feel bad without cosmetics, your lack of confidence will show anyway. On the contrary, if you know yourself as beautiful no matter what you are wearing, you will look beautiful no matter what you wear. Confidence in yourself is your best weapon.

Show security


A genuine smile makes us all look good. Out of tune with the world and smile, it is your best cover letter. There is a saying that you never know who can fall in love with your smile.

Forget about trifles

In general, the only ones who notice minor flaws are ourselves. If you have a little acne or blackheads, stop worrying! Nobody notices them except you. And remember that the attitude with which you face the world is what will make the difference.

Forget the little things.

Take care of your hair.

Age is also noticeable in the hair. Therefore, another potent tool to highlight your natural beauty is a good haircut. Find one that makes you look cute and that you like. Take care of your hair every day:

  • Do not pull it during brushing.
  • Do not tie wet hair.
  • Do not fall asleep after bathing.

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