how to become more attractive ?

For our body to function correctly, we must be well-nourished. If we are well on the inside, it shows on the outside. If your skin is hydrated, your face looks younger, you eat well, the hair has more nutrients, the nails look beautiful, and everything is more harmonious. Take care of your diet.

Drink water

Water hydrates you but also gives flexibility to your skin. So that your face is fresh and bright, drink at least eight glasses of water a day (2 liters more or less)

This section is not only essential but perhaps the most important of all. We must take care of ourselves, pamper ourselves, and get the most out of ourselves, but that will only be possible if we rest well and we do so not only taking into account the hours of sleep but also moving away from external factors that cause insomnia and stress.

A bad rest not only negatively influences our concentration, our performance, and our mood, but it can damage our skin and make us look less attractive. To avoid the appearance of dark circles, spots, redness and prevent hair loss, a good rest is essential. We help you:

    Sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day: if you are not used to these times, set a new rest program and try to comply with it (bet on going to sleep earlier and getting up a little earlier to start the day with a few minutes of yoga or meditation ).

    Chamomile before bed: sometimes, our day-to-day is so tired that it carries an emotional load that translates into stress or anxiety. These symptoms usually appear when we relax, that is, when we get into bed and try to sleep; then worries, work, and insecurities appear and cause us insomnia. To remedy this, we recommend an infusion with relaxing properties before going to sleep.

    Say goodbye to the mobile phone: Many studies link difficulty falling asleep with electronic devices just before sleeping. Therefore, an hour or two before getting into bed, put aside your mobile, tablet, or computer, grab a book or put on music, relax and rest.

    Practice yoga or meditate: if you find it difficult to fall asleep, it is best to end your day with a relaxing and reflective activity. Yoga is an incredibly beneficial practice for your health. However, you can also bet on meditating for a few minutes before turning off the light. If you want more information about How to do yoga at home, do not hesitate to review our other article’s advice.

How to look prettier with the right clothes

Clothing can radically change the way we see ourselves, as it is a cover letter, a statement of intent that impacts even before we can say the first word.

If you wonder how to look prettier with the help of clothes, follow our advice:

    Go for the basics: blue, white and black jeans, colored sweaters (without drawings or letters), basic T-shirts and shirts and a long brown, black or gray jacket. They are the basics that should never be missing in your wardrobe, as these allow you combinations that are as safe as they are attractive and modern. Add to your basic look some more risky accessories, and you will look incredible; from UNCOMO, we recommend a hat, large and striking earrings, or unique shoes.

    Wear sweaters: to stylize and mark your figure more, bet on wearing wide sweaters inside the pants. Pair them with tall pants and a long coat to look like an accurate model.

    Combine the clothes properly: for this step, it is not only essential to learn which colors combine best, but also which clothes hunt best with others; bet on wide sweaters and short skirts, high pants, and long-sleeved shirts, dresses, and jumpsuits to avoid taking risks, etc. Discover the best 22 dresses that stylize the figure and dare with the most beautiful designs.

    Dress according to your measurements: you must adjust to your size to not be uncomfortable and better stylize your body. Whether you are very tall or short, thin or chubby, you must learn what clothing fits best according to your body shape. For example, for the shorter ones, the best will be dressing up to the knee or short, fitted, and short skirts with A silhouette or straight. 

If you want to enhance your curves, wear narrow and straight skirts, high-waisted pants with tees inside, short jackets, and dresses fitted at the waist. If, on the contrary, you want to hide your figure, opt for dark or neutral tones and garments of your size. Do not wear something too tight or excessively baggy, and run away from the clothes with frills and fringes. The V-shaped neckline will be the best option, combined with straight pants.

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