The benefits of cooking with mushrooms

Autumn is the perfect time to go for a pleasant walk in the mountains and take advantage, if you know, to collect some delicious mushrooms.

Recommendations for collecting mushrooms

First of all, you have to know that you should not pick or eat a mushroom that you do not know. Remember that many are very similar, and getting confused and eating one that should not be can be very dangerous. Whenever you want to make a small collection, go accompanied by an expert who will guide you and help you distinguish poisonous mushrooms from those not.
Another interesting fact that you should consider when harvesting is that it is better to avoid plastic bags; in addition to being harmful to the environment, they will not let the mushrooms sweat and rot sooner. Use baskets.
A trick to place them in the basket is that you have to put them upside down, that is, with the hat towards the basket. This trick is to prevent dirt from entering between the mushroom sheets, and thus, when you get home, you will not have to wash them with excessive water, and they will not lose their aroma or flavor.
Benefits of mushrooms

In addition to being delicious and being a delicacy, mushrooms have many beneficial properties for the body, among which we can highlight:

Nutritional power: mushrooms are a great source of vitamins, as well as providing minerals. Also, they are a source of energy but with a low caloric intake.
Satiating effect: they are rich in soluble fiber, producing a feeling of satiety when consumed. However, it is advisable to consume them with caution, as they can cause heaviness.
Strengthens bones: mushrooms contain a substance known as ergosterol that, with the action of the sun, converts into vitamin D, promoting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
Protein source: some mushrooms contain proteins that could be compared to meat, making them a perfect ally for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Tricks to cook them

Once the most important benefits and some curious and important data of its collection have been said, the moment you will enjoy the most arrives the preparation. Mushrooms can be a delicious dish if you know how to cook properly. To do this, we will give you some tricks that you may not know, and they will come in handy.
Don’t over-wash them. You should not wash them too much because they will lose their aroma and flavor, as we told you before. Instead, cut or scrape the areas where there is adhering dirt and with a brush and a damp cloth, finish cleaning them.
Each mushroom has a type of cooking. They can be cooked in a thousand and one ways, but the best thing is that you give each type the point that best suits them. For instance:
Mushrooms: perfect for preparing in stir-fries.

Níscalos: grilled or grilled.
 The amanita: can be eaten raw.
The trumpets: you cook well; they are perfect for stews and rice dishes.
Goat's foot: supports long cooking very well.
The chanterelles: perfect for scrambled eggs or in tempura.

The shiitake mushroom has a large amount of selenium that acts as a detoxifier and helps the liver function efficiently. It also has copper, a basic trace element for collagen production responsible for hydrating and maintaining the smoothness of the skin.

It stimulates cytokine cells that fight infection and polysaccharides and vitamin C, both essential in the body’s natural defense.

Both minerals are essential in the formation of keratin and the provision of nutrients to the hair follicles. Iron and magnesium, vital for the nervous system and brain neurotransmitters, are present in the so-called portobello mushrooms, so consuming them preserves mental capacity.

Grilled in stews, sauces, creams, tortillas, or simply with a few drops of olive oil and salt, mushrooms are a delicious delicacy that brings real health benefits.
Mushrooms are one of the most popular products with the arrival of autumn. These varied delicacies of the land enjoy a multitude of culinary possibilities while providing numerous health benefits. Taberna Gaztelupe, the greatest exponent of Basque cuisine in Madrid, explains the most characteristic properties and presents its specialties this season: Autumn mushroom stew with a poached egg and Níscalos stewed with a poached egg

They balance blood sugar. Thanks to their high fiber content, mushrooms help balance blood sugar levels and prevent cancer. The selenium content of mushrooms takes on a fundamental role in the liver enzyme’s function, helping it detoxify certain compounds that can cause cancer.

They benefit from the diet. Mushrooms have very few calories, so they are great in which want a weight loss diet. Mushrooms contain choline: an essential nutrient for body functions, such as muscle movement, the transmission of nerve impulses, maintenance of the structure of cell membranes, sleep, or memory.

Also, they prevent anemia. Mushrooms are a great source of iron and promote the formation of numerous red blood cells. Mushrooms contain a large amount of glutamic acid and help fight some infections, both bacterial and viral.

They are antioxidants. The vitamin C content in mushrooms is very high, so they are an immense source of antioxidants.

And they strengthen the bones. Mushrooms are high in calcium, the essential nutrient when it comes to building and strengthening bones. Adding calcium to your diet will reduce osteoporosis and joint pain, among many other benefits for your bones.

About the Goizeko Gaztelupe Group
Goizeko Gaztelupe and Luis Martín as kitchen director, form one of the great teams of the gastronomic panorama of the capital, with more than 20 years offering the most demanding public a cuisine from the heart, with pure essences, evolved and updated, in which the tradition is lived and where the most exquisite treatment is never lacking.

Taberna Gaztelupe is set in the traditional way of a typical Basque tavern and offers the best traditional cuisine in northern Spain. Chef Luis Martín prepares classic and seasonal Basque cuisine, with year-round specialties such as cod al pil-pil or homemade duck foie terrine. From the charcoal grill, red meat, roasted hake tail, or grilled monkfish. You can enjoy the best bonito from the north, the spider crab gazpacho, or the Gaztelupe salad with black garlic oil in season.

Goizeko Kabi is a temple of gastronomy with roots, where true culinary crafts are made. The kitchen team, led by its Executive Chef, Luis Martín, and the head chef, Helena Rodríguez, develops all its creativity based on high-quality raw material and the balanced management of the preparations. The excellent winery offers a menu based on the best wines produced in our country.

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