sights of german (part two)

Imperial Cathedral of Speyer

Speyer Cathedral

The Speyer Cathedral is the largest preserved Romanesque church globally and is one of the most beautiful sights in our country.

In 1981 UNESCO named the cathedral a World Heritage Site. During a stroll through the old town of Speyer, the sight cannot be overlooked.

Eight emperors and kings and four queens found their final resting place in the crypt of the cathedral. The crypt can be entered.

From the viewing platform at the height of around 60 m, you have a great view of Speyer and the region.

On the way to the church tower, it is worth taking a look at the Kaisersaal. It lies above the entrance portal of the cathedral.

In the hall, there are nine monumental frescoes by the painter Johann Baptist Schraudolph, which were formerly on the transept walls.

When the cathedral was renovated, they were dismantled and stored.

You have been able to marvel at them in the Kaisersaal since 2012.

Speyer is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

Marienplatz Munich


The central square in Munich is not only the starting point for the Munich pedestrian zone; you will also find many sights of the Bavarian capital there.

The New Town Hall is a sight in itself.

It was built from 1867 to 1909 and belonged to the neo-Gothic style.

The carillon rang every day at 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. in the town hall and represented the wedding of Duke Wilhelm V to the Renate of Lorraine.

Due to the adjacent buildings and the many events that regularly occur at Marienplatz, the central square is a popular attraction in Munich and all of Germany.

If you want to start a day of shopping through the metropolis, Marienplatz is also the right starting point.

Dresden Frauenkirche

Top 10 sights of dresden Frauenkirche

Only a few foundation walls stood after the Second World War, and the rebuilt Dresden Frauenkirche has been shining in new splendour since 2005.

Destroyed in air raids in 1945, the Frauenkirche was in ruins during the GDR era. The remains were to act as a memorial.

The restoration work began in 1994.

Today the Dresden Frauenkirche is an official symbol of reconciliation due to its history.

During the rebuilding, any stones still in use were meticulously cataloged and placed in the newly rebuilt church.

Zugspitze: The highest mountain in Germany

Also interesting: hike to the Zugspitze
Height: 2,962 meters
Must-see: Zugspitzplatt
Best travel time: May to October

On the border with Tyrol lies Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze, in the far south. The 2,962-meter high giant can be reached via three mountain railways. In winter, skiing is possible on the Zugspitzplatt. The Zugspitze region is also an ideal destination for hikers, as the terrain offers numerous standard trails and a large number of accommodations and mountain huts.

Neuschwanstein Castle: The fairytale castle in the Allgäu

Also interesting: Neuschwanstein Castle from King Ludwig II
Year of construction: from 1869
Must-do: circular hiking trail
Best travel time: all year round

Disneyland? Not quite, but at first glance, you might think so because Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria looks like a fairytale castle. Incidentally, this was also the claim of the Bavarian King Ludwig II, who had the building built but never saw its completion.

The castle is one of the essential sights in Germany and receives around 1.5 million tourists every year. The palace administration states that it has reached the limits of capacity, as the masses of visitors, together with the alpine climate and light, would put a lot of strain on the furniture and textiles.

Miniature wonderland Hamburg

Miniature Wonderland Hamburg

In Hamburg’s Speicherstadt, you can experience the world in miniature.

According to the German National Tourist Board, the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, founded in 2000, was the top tourist attraction in Germany among foreign tourists in 2017.

Where else can you marvel at so many attractions in the world in such a small space?

You can take a look at the Harz or the fictional small town of Knufflingen and its airport.

The fictional town of Knufflingen is alive. There are house fires, drug trafficking and numerous other representations of realistic scenes in the city.

A lot of technology has been built into the miniature world not to get too static.

Cars are driving, ships and model trains are in motion. There are also many light and sound effects.

The miniature wonderland Hamburg also takes you to America, Scandinavia, Hamburg, the Alps, Switzerland and Italy.

Mainau Island of Flowers

Flower Island Mainau

One of the most beautiful German sights is the flower island of Mainau.

From 1951 Lennart Bernadotte, the son of the Swedish King Wilhelm, transformed Mainau into what is now the famous flower island and opened it to visitors.

Hobby sailors take note: There are jetties on the flower island for those who want to reach the island uniquely.

He had left the Swedish line of succession and devoted himself entirely to the Mainau Island of Flowers project.

Bernadotte also had the castle on the island of Mainau renovated and made his residence.

Today you can walk through incredible park landscapes – flowering beds and bushes as far as the eye can see.

In spring, around a million tulips and other spring flowers bloom on Mainau.

In summer, you can enjoy over 11,000 dahlias.

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