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Because we eat more than we need, the World Health Organization (WHO) says it very clearly. “The caloric intake must be in line with the expenditure.” In other words, our body obtains from food the energy it needs to function reliably through calories. If we put more gasoline in the car than it needs, it is stored in the tanks in the form of fat.

According to the data of the leading organization that watches over our well-being, “lipids should not exceed 30% of the total caloric intake to avoid weight gain, which means stopping consuming saturated fat – butter, bacon, palm oil, etc.- to opt for the unsaturated ones – olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc. – and gradually eliminate the industrial ones of the trans type – industrial pastries, biscuits, sauces, etc.- “.


Yes, although it costs a lot. “When there is an excess of fat, it is stored in the white adipocytes. As they grow, they need a more excellent supply of oxygen hampered by the vascular damage that they produce and the distancing of the same from the blood vessels. This situation of hypoxia – lack of oxygen – produces oxidative stress and inflammation and, finally, establishes a vicious circle: it is increasingly difficult to lose fat “, argues Raquel Vicente, pharmacist and training coordinator at Aboca Spain.

The good news is that, with a proper plan, anything is possible: “Sustained weight loss over a long period and exercise help reduce fat stores and limit the loss of muscle tissue,” says Mireia Agramunt. For this, it is a ‘sine qua non condition to carry out “a diet adapted to the individual needs of each one that favours the loss of fat – from which the organism will be forced to throw away to obtain that energy it needs before the reduction of the calories ingested – without affecting muscle tissue. “


The answer is obvious: good and forgetting to do atrocities like super-restrictive diets or fasts. “The drastic reduction of calories to accelerate weight loss can induce a response similar to starvation. Several studies show that, during the first ten days and after glycogen depletion, the body consumes between 8-12% of muscle mass and the rest of the fats. As the lack of intake progresses, the energy expenditure comes from the stored triglycerides, which can lead to bradycardia, hypotension, dry skin, constipation, abnormalities of the nervous system, depression and even death “, warns the nutrition expert from Hospital Sanitas CIMA.

María Amaro, an expert in nutrition at the Feel Good Clinic (Madrid), recalls that “there are foods that, naturally, contribute to fat elimination because they accelerate the metabolism and have a satiating effect.” Here are two groups: «Whole grains -rice, corn, wheat, etc.- are an exciting source of carbohydrates and help eliminate fat because the body is forced to use 50% more energy than usual when digesting them versus the refined. Low-fat dairy also helps us feel full and, being rich in protein, helps speed up our metabolism. “

Exercise also activates these cells.

The practice of physical exercise, whether aerobic, strength or high intensity, helps reduce body fat and stimulate brown fat through a protein, irisin, which can generate heat by transforming normal fat into brown fat.

In response to physical exercise and when contracting, the muscle stimulates other hormones such as myokines, which stimulate this transformation and promote weight loss.

That is why it is vital to perform large muscle groups and strength exercises, which build muscle to activate brown fat and increase energy expenditure.

Increased heart rate burns fat.

By increasing the heartbeat through sports, we promote the transport of blood and oxygen throughout the body, producing muscle contractions that release hormones, natriuretic peptides, which are responsible for activating brown fat.

To avoid risks, it is essential to go to a professional who will take into account each person and their conditions to guide them on the type of physical activity, the frequency, the duration and the appropriate intensity.
Girl in bed

Rest also influences

Rest is essential to losing weight. Melatonin is a hormone that intervenes in the sleep cycle, and by stimulating it, brown fat is also stimulated.

Maintain good sleep hygiene, try not to have the lights on, and use electronic devices at bedtime.

  • Lose Weight: Ways to Burn Fat While You Sleep
    cold shower

Spending a little cold activates brown fat.

Exposure to cold activates brown fat and may even increase it. Passing some cold can be beneficial since the necessary mechanisms are activated to maintain a stable body temperature; the body needs to use more energy, and as a consequence, the metabolism increases.

Turn off the heat from time to time, take a short walk in winter with somewhat lighter clothing, or even finish the shower with a few minutes of cold water to activate the brown grease.

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